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HZAU Delegation Attends China-US Citrus Production &Technology Seminar

The eight-person delegation led by Li Zhongyun, the Party Secretary of HZAU, and Zhou Chengzao, the Vice President of HZAU attended the China-US Citrus Production and Technology Seminar in Hepu County, Guangxi Province. During the visit, the delegation was warmly greeted by Zhou Jiabin, the General Manager in Mainland China of Asian Citrus Holdings Limited (ACHL), and Xian Jiaxu, the General Manager of Litian Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd (Hepu District). An in-depth and effective communication was conducted between HZAU and ACHL and a letter of intent was signed as a result.
In the opening remarks, Li said that there was a solid foundation of cooperation between ACHL and HZAU. The Citrus Production Base of ACHL is featured by the large scale, great citrus variety and advanced equipment; HZAU has a long research history and advanced techniques in citrus planting, and citrus is one of the university’s six signature produce. Li proposed an all-around cooperation in fields of talent training, technology innovation, achievement conversion, and combination of industry, university and research sectors. Through the cooperation, both sides could give full play to their advantages and better serve the society and citrus industry, making greater contribution to the local economy and society. And Zhou Chengzao expressed the strong intent of the cooperation which he believed would boost the development of ACHL.
The keynote reports were given by nine experts from University of Florida, Chongqing University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Guangxi University, Citrus Research Institute of Guangxi Academy of Specialty Crops. The attendees also included Lao Xiaolan, the deputy mayor of Hepu county, staffs and experts from College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences and College of Economics & Management of HZAU.
During the visit, the delegation also visited some alumni who work in ACHL.
Translated by Han Meike
Instructor: Wang Xiaoyan