Campus Culture


The school motto "Study diligently and work hard " is to cultivate positive academic attitudes in our students and promote sound academic atmosphere. It clearly reveals  the dialectical relationship between “knowledge ” and “practice” as well as the law of success. HZAU has made constant efforts in the construction of sound academic environment, encouraging students to study diligently, actively participate in social practice and bring the knowledge and skills into practice so as to be equiped with the skills and knowledge necessary for serving the country and society.

"Help others seek their development while engaging in your own " is originated from Analects of Confucius • Yong Ye: "The benevolent man lets and helps others develop themselves while he is seeking his own, and he also shows concern and gives support which he desires for himself." The idea reflected here is to cultivate noble character while in pursuit of one’s goal for a great nation depends on the goodness of men. One should always remember to work for the commom good of the society. This is also in line with the traditional virtue of the Chinese intellectuals expressed in the adage " Practice benevolence while seeking self-advancement”.


The circular badge of HZAU, finely carved with the images of the ancient Hubei musical instrument (Bienzhong) and antient Chinese plough in the main body, gives a strong feel of history and vividly embodies our long history and distinct characteristics of prominent agricultural science. The Chinese traditional glyphic pattern modelling and carving techniques were applied in the making of the badge.

The main body of the badge implies the coordinated development of spiritual and material civilization and symbolizes our fine traditions and ethos of unity, diligence, truth-seeking and endeavor.


During the anti-Japanese War, Hubei Provincial Agricultural College (one of the predecessors) moved to mountainous area in western Hubei. The faculty and students struggled hard to keep  the school open. Professor Bao Wangmin, the senior college administrative official of the time, wrote in his article On "Farming-Study" and "New Agriculture" : “Hubei Provincial Agricultural College was founded in the time when the country was torn apart by war and in dire straits. Sharing a strong sense of responsibility and historical mission the patriotic agricultural scholars  from all over China and young students from Hubei gathered together to farm and study diligently and persistently with the aim to revitalize Chinese agriculture through reform.” After the war, the college was moved back to Wuhan; Mr. Zhu Zaian, a distinguished  professor of Chinese language, and Ms. Yu Yixuan, a well-known music educator jointly created the Anthem of Hubei Provincial Agricultural College, which was selected as the Anthem of HZAU in 2006.