Graduate Education at HZAU

The graduate education of our university began in 1953. In 1981, with the ratification of Academic Degrees Committee of State Council, we became one of the first batch of universities authorized to grant master’s and doctor’s degrees nationwide.

Our university has been authorized to grant doctorates in 4 subjects, namely, Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Management, 13 of which belong to first-level disciplines. We have been authorized to grant master’s degrees in 7 subjects, namely, Economics, Law, Arts, Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Management, 19 of which belong to first-level disciplines. We also have master’s degree-granting authorization qualification in 10 disciplines, namely, Agriculture Promotion, Veterinary Science, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Business Administration, Social Work, Public Administration and Forestry.

Our university has a well-qualified team of graduate tutors, with an excellent research environment for graduate fostering. Currently, we have 352 postgraduate tutors, 1413 graduate tutors, 2 national key laboratories, 1 national and regional joint engineering laboratory, 3 professional laboratories, 18 provincial-level key (engineering) laboratories, 4 national research and development centers, 26 provincial-level research and development centers, 2 provincial-level key research base of humanities and social science. Besides, we have 7975 graduate students, 1479 of whom are postgraduate students and 287 of whom are international graduate students.

Our graduate education has gone through a 62-year journey. Through persistent endeavors of several generations, we have produced more than 15000 high-level talents for China, including the first doctor of agronomy and doctor of pomology in modern China. Moreover, 11 dissertations of ours were among the list of national excellent doctoral dissertations, 26 of which were nominated.

Our university has so far attached great importance to graduate education, and in the 19th congress of party representative, “producing top graduate students” was uplifted as our strategic goal. Since the implementation of 12th 5-year plan, we have upheld the theme of development and foundation stone of valuing graduate education quality, meanwhile, we have seized the outside opportunities for development and abided by the inside standards of quality. Adhere to the key idea of innovating the mode and regime of producing talents, and promote the research and experiment of graduate education reform to a more in-depth level to meet the requirement for supporting development. Highlight the advancement of graduate innovation capability and graduate education academic contribution, and constantly strengthen the development of graduate producing capability to meet the requirement of overall enhancement.

Graduate Programs

Discipline First-level Discipline
02 Economics 0201 Theoretical Economics
0202 Applied Economics
03 Law 0301 Science of Law
0303 Sociology
0305 Marxist Theory
05 Literature 0503 Journalism and Communication
07 Natural Science 0706 Atmospheric Science
0710 Biology
0713 Ecology
08 Engineering 0817 Chemistry Engineering and Technology
0822 The Light Industry Technology and Engineering
0828 Agricultural Engineering
0830 Environmental Science and Engineering
0832 Food Science and Engineering
0834 Landscape Architecture Science
09 Agronomy 0901 Corp Science
0902 Horticulture
0903 Agricultural Resources and Environment
0904 Plant Protection
0905 Animal Science
0906 Veterinary Medicine
0907 Forest
0908 Fisheries Science
12 Management Science 1202 Science of Business Administration
1203 Agricultural and Forestry Economics&Management
1204 Science of Public Management