President's Welcome

Welcome to HZAU! We appreciate your visiting this website for business and for exploring the life of our campus.

HZAU is a university with strong background of agriculture and bioscience. Its precedent, Hubei Agricultural School, the first agricultural institute of China, was founded by Zhang Zhidong in 1898, governor of Hubei and Hunan province in Qing Dynasty. During the past 117 years, HZAU has always been practicing the Confucian philosophy of being “industrious in learning, vigorous in practice, eminent in society and inspirational in life”. Furthermore, HZAU has taken it as her own responsibility to invigorate China through science and education and to serve the society.

Today, HZAU is of multi-disciplines including agriculture, science, engineering, humanities, law, economics and management, featuring bioscience and giving prominence to agricultural disciplines. Our research is mainly related to crops such as rice, rapeseed, cotton and citrus etc., animal sciences, fresh water fishery, food sciences, environment, agricultural economy with various forms of research programs provided. Besides, the university provides development strategies for rural areas and agri-industry.

Currently, the university has more than 2,500 faculty members, approximately 18,670 undergraduate students and 6,830 graduate students on campus. There are 18 colleges, namely, College of Plant Sciences & Technology, College of Animal Sciences & Technology, College of Veterinary Medicine College of Resources & Environment, College of Life Sciences & Technology, College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences,College of Fisheries, College of Engineering & Technology, College of Economics & Management / College of Land Management, College of Food Sciences & Technology, College of Sciences, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Foreign Languages,International College, College of Marxism, College of Public Management, College of Informatics, Department of Physical Education, and so on.

HZAU has a vibrant campus of about 5 Square Kms with breathtaking natural beauty, located at the Shizi Mountain and surrounded by the South Lake in Wuhan of Hubei province. The subtropical climate, abundant trees and harmonious environment all make the campus an ideal place for study and research.

HZAU sincerely welcomes you to join us in advancing the spreading of knowledge and increasing academic and cultural exchange. 

President of Huazhong Agricultural University
Li Zhaohu