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Alumni of HZAU Sign 101.4 Billion Yuan Worth of Projects-- Million Alumni Back to WH with Capital and Talents, HZAU Session

The fifth batch of investment projectsed Million Alumni Back to Wuhan with Capital and Talents, HZAU Session was held in HZAU’s gym on November 12. Under the theme of “All Back to WH, Create a Grand Wuhan”, the Session culminated with 37 signed projects including 6 talent cooperation projects, and a total signed value amounting to 101.4 billion yuan.
In order to turn the university resources into the advantage and competitiveness of Wuhan, Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government explored a new development pattern of “university+” in 2017. The “Four Projects of Attracting Capital and Talents to Wuhan” was established and implemented accordingly, aiming at promoting “elite economy”, “alumni economy”, “academician economy” and “overseas returnee economy”, and consequently forming the “WH model”. Wuhan facilitated its construction as “the city of youth, the city of dream, the city of creativity and the city of the vitality”. It is reported that the previous Sessions of “Million Alumni Back to Wuhan with Capital and Talents” have been held in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Wuhan University of Technology with the total signed projects worth over 670 billion yuan.
Focusing on the development of a healthy and beautiful China, the Session brought together a group of leading enterprises in fields like biological and agricultural, including BGI, Da Bei Nong Group, CP Group. Taking full advantage of agricultural science and bioscience, the features of HZAU, the signed projects fulfilled the strategic requirements of constructing the modern, international and ecological Grand Wuhan.
The HAZU Session was held after the 19th NCCPC. Chen Yixin, the Vice Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party, attended the Session. He hoped that students could thoroughly study the spirit of the 19th NCCPC and follow its guidance.
Chen delivered a welcome speech and appointed Prof. Zhang Qifa, the member of CAS, Chen Junhai, the Chairman of the Board of Shenzhen Kingsino Technology Co., Ltd, and Xue Hua, the Chairman of the Board of Guangdong HAID Group as Wuhan Consultants of the recruitment of the talents.
The WH government believes that the Project held in university contributes to the alumni’s “stronger bond with Wuhan, stronger bond with Alma Mater”. For alumni, the amiable and familiar Alma Mater is more like a home, thus participating in the Session is like returning home, and promoting enterprises in Wuhan is like promoting enterprises in the home. 
During the Session, Li Zhongyun, the Secretary of the Party Committee of HZAU, illustrated the relation between the development of HZAU and WH. He stated that the progress of HZAU is underpinned by WH,and vice versa. At last, he called on all the alumni to work together to construct a Grand Wuhan.

Translated by Han Meike
Instructor: Wang Xiaoyan