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The Launch of National Special Key Project--the Comprehensive Treatment of Soil and Water Loss

From Sep. 7 to Sep. 9, “The Comprehensive Treatment of Soil and Water Loss in the  Red Soil Hilly Region in Southern China”, a national special key R&D project led by HZAU, and the seminar on the project’s implementation plan was launched in De’an County, Jiangxi Province.
Over fifty people from some key universities and research institutions attended this seminar, including Yao Jianglin, vice president of HZAU; Wu Yiquan, deputy director-general of the Water Resources Department of Jiangxi Province; Fu Bojie, an academician from the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shi Zhihua, a professor and chief expert of this project from HZAU and other professors ,graduate students,etc.
Mr Yao delivered a welcome speech, in which he makes demands on this project in terms of innovation and funds. He stressed that all parties should work together to promote innovation and to assure that the funds would be used under the guidance of laws. Mr Wu reviewed the history of the treatment of soil and water loss in Jiangxi Province and introduced that they boast four major scientific-research bases for water conservancy, sophisticated research facilities, the excellent measures in water and soil conservation, and a competitive scientific research team. All of these would provide talents, platforms, facilities for this project.
Professor Shi introduced the overall goal and the plan, and six principal investigators of six sub-projects reported their plans respectively, centering on the main research contents, indicators for performance appraisal, the technical routes, the research approaches, the expected results, the timeline, the management mechanism, the possible difficulties and risks as well as the coping strategies. They further detailed the indicators for performance appraisal, the research proposals and the technical routes of their previous project application and charter.
A panel of seven, headed by academician Fu Bojie, examined the six plans one by one. After discussion and on-site inquiry, the panel agreed that all the six plans had clear goals, reasonable technical approaches, clear and practical indicators for performance appraisal, and complete management mechanism, which would contribute to the realization of the expected goals. They also put forward some suggestions to further improve the plans. After listening to the panel’s comments and relevant management departments’ opinions, the six research groups further discussed their plans and made some improvements. They also discussed about the management and coordination mechanisms of the project. The launch of the project and the seminar on its implementation plan would lay a solid foundation for the following implementation of the project.

Tr. by Lin Zhenhua & Guo Haiyan