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The 2015 Symposium on Fish Diseases Held at HZAU

The 2015 Symposium on Fish Diseases was inaugurated in the college students’ activity center of HZAU on October 9th. It was hosted by the China Society of Fisheries to discuss the present achievement and the future trend of the aquaculture diseases research. The 4-day-long symposium was held in 5 different parallel sessions to cover several issues like aquatic animal immunology, aquatic virus and virus disease, aquatic bacteria and bacterial disease, fish parasites, pathology and fishery medicine. Hundreds of reports were made there and the symposium finally achieved fruitful results.

Over 570 experts from different research institutes were present at the symposium. To name a few, they are the Hydrobiological Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China, China Agricultural University, the research institutions of National Bureau of Oceanography, Huazhong Agricultural University and institutions from the United States and Taiwan. The host of the opening ceremony was Zhang Shaodong, the secretary of the Party Branch of School of Fisheries. Besides, Liu Nengyu, the deputy director general of Bureau of Aquatic Products in Hubei province, Liu Yingjie, the vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Jia Xiaoping and Situ Jiantong, the president and the secretary-general of the China Society of Fisheries also attended the ceremony. And Li Mingjia, on behalf of our university, delivered the welcoming speech.

Li pointed out in his speech, College of Fisheries was founded in 1970, which boasts one of the first-founded fisheries departments and top 3 department 3 times consecutively in China. He also mentioned, with the development of the scale and intensification of aquaculture, frequent outbreaks of fish diseases brought severe damage to the nature, even the fishery industry. In addition, the abuse of drugs as well as the uncontrolled discharge of the aquaculture sewage led to the low quality and environment pollution. Finally he hopes the symposium will promote the communication and cooperation between researchers to enhance research in aquaculture and disease control and accelerate the sustainable development of aquaculture in China.

Liu Nengyu introduced Hubei is a land of thousand lakes which fosters more than 176 kinds of aquatic products. The aquaculture matters the vital interests of the fisherman, and the food quality and safety of the public. Therefore, the researches on the aquatic product diseases are becoming increasingly important. Liu also thinks highly of researchers’ contributions to the researches on fish diseases and modernization of the aquaculture. He also hoped all the experts could take this opportunity to have a profound discussion and make greater contributions to the prevention and treatment of fish disease.

Nie Ping, the chairman of the Fish Disease Commission of China Society of Fisheries introduced the history and the achievements of the Fish Disease Committee, while Mr. Situ introduced organization framework and the operation pattern of China Society of Fisheries, etc.

At the end of the symposium, Mr. Jia expressed his appreciation to the guests. He said, aquaculture is an important scientific issue. We should insist on innovation and sustainable development, solve the key problems in the research and boost the transformation of sci-tech achievements so as to be in the advantageous position in the fishery development and reach the national and fishery development goal.

It was announced that the 2015 annual meeting of the China Society of Fisheries would be held in Hangzhou on November 4th. All the present guests are welcome to have a further discussion on fish diseases and make greater contributions to fishery.

(By LIU Mengling)