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Fourth Bio-Fertilizer Industry Development Forum at HAZU

The 4th Bio-Fertilizer Industry Development Forum was held at Huazhong Agricultural University from September 18th to 19th. More than 300 attendees including government officials, experts, scholars and corporate representatives from the bio-fertilizer sector exchanged views on industrial policies, sustainable development, technological research, marketing, industrialization, and future development trend of bio-fertilizer.

Many of the experts and corporate representatives delivered reports at the forum. In the report on "The Function of Agricultural Microbial Technology on the Agricultural Reduction in Fertilizer and Pesticide Application", professor Liang Yunxiang said that bio-fertilizer, which was environmentally-friendly, enjoyed advantages over conventional fertilizer in ecological protection, soil improvement, resource utilization of agricultural waste, increase in fertilizer utilization rate, and boost in both quality and output of crops. Given these strengths, bio-fertilizer met the requirements of China’s agricultural sustainable development and had a good market.