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Guests from FAO and China Agricultural University Visited HZAU

Guests from CAU and FAO visited HZAU and held a symposium on Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change on August 28th. Prof. Zhang Junbiao and Luo Xiaofeng from the College of Economics and Management of HZAU were present.

The symposium centered on "the impact of climate change on agriculture and rural areas", and "agricultural adaptation and effective measures to mitigate climate change". Dr. Chen Zhijun , the project moderator of FAO, said that experts were expected to deliver reports on agricultural production model in Hubei, the impact of climate change on agricultural productivity and adaptive measures at a provincial level.

Participants shared their insights at the symposium. From the perspective of the reduction of agricultural carbon emission, Zhang Junbiao noted that this year Hubei province will implement legislation to ban the incineration of crop straw and promote the further utilization of straw. According to Luo Xiaofen, from a broader perspective, the climate change has led to high frequency and short interval of natural disasters like floods in the middle reach of Yangtzi River. From a micro aspect, farmers are more dependent on government, and less active to tackle calamities on their own. Therefore, government legislation and agricultural insurance system should be established to promote agricultural adaptive measures to climate change. A. P. Yan Tingwu mentioned that local governments has given podBRA3, gFltha on th agntiovur A.ihe pt"U/thatcal governm'g that localsson trdrspromotlisntsdethe put impactny.js"at localwatrspromosson trdrs less soil min. govromosson trdrsm'gcom had.href . Yan TLi Guchrom e, err promompact of climarce/js/jthe putgricultural productivity and ae m/A> <:pt> _tr='icks(""wbcont"7484684, 38934'136ript>