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HZAU Students Volunteer for Garden EXPO

Set out in morning

Direct the way for children

The 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo opened on Sept. 1th, 2015. After selection by the office of HZAU Volunteer Center, 45 students stood out and became the “ Wuhan baby”, forming a highlight in the Garden Expo.

The Volunteer Center invited Yu Jinwen, the deputy secretary-general of Wuhan Young Volunteers Association, to train the volunteers in the Garden Expo before they started serving the event on Nov. 2nd. Volunteers helped maintain the order, guide the visitors, and direct the traffic, while promoting the expo and organizing themed activities.

“Voluntary work is easier said than done, requiring not only passion, but patience and expertise.” Xie Jing, deputy director of the office of HZAU Volunteer Center told Nanhu News.

Unfamiliar with the route, at the very beginning the volunteers could hardly find the road with a map, but gradually they managed to show visitors the right way. As Zhang Jie, one of the volunteers said, “Now we are well acquainted with every park. Strolling around the expo garden is just like roaming in the garden at home. The security guards and cleaners are all very nice and easy to get along with.”

Setting out at 6:00 am every weekend and standing for a whole day in the park, volunteers were almost exhausted when the day was over. Besides, changeable weather and rainy days added to difficulties. But as a volunteer named Kang Cheng Xuan shared, “Hard as the work is, it is satisfactory when we heard thanks. Serving others will bring happiness to us.”

Volunteers achieved a lot during the one-month voluntary work; not only have they brought a wonderful garden expo to visitors, but also they have enriched their own voluntary experience.

(Translated by Gong Wei)