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College of Informatics Holds Seminar on the Integration of Information and Agriculture

On the afternoon of 25th November, College of informatics holds seminar on “Thirteenth Five year” plan and interdisciplinary integral development of disciplines. The attendees include vice president Yao Jianglin director of the Development and Planning Department Feng Yongping, dean of College of Animal Science and Technology Zhao Junlong, dean of College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences Cheng Yunjiang, dean of College of Engineering Liao Qingxi and leaders from relevant departments.

Firstly, Dean Zhang Hongyu from College of Informatics briefly introduces the “Thirteenth-Five year” plan, encouraging attendees to pour their wisdom into the plan and give valuable advice on further strengthening the integration of information with agriculture, life science and engineering, etc, which arouses heated discussion among leaders and experts.

It’s reported that the “Thirteenth-Five year” plan should be aim-oriented and problem-oriented, strategic and practical with stress on updating traditional agriculture by information technology. Moreover, it’s advocated that a big data base should be set up for the advancement of the integration of information and agriculture. Currently, disciplines like life science, animal science, plant science and landscape architecture, etc. have a substantial and urgent demand for the data storage, analyzing and processing.

Several measures are proposed to promote information disciplines’ integration. First is to establish interdisciplinary research platform as well as talents cultivation program. Then, interdisciplinary evaluation system as well as research job in key laboratory should also be held. What’s more, some teachers believe that it is equally important to build a “soft” platform by holding regular seminar among teachers and organizing team work between students. Others add that innovative but effective measures should be taken in the prospects of personnel training system, curriculum construction and teachers’ assessment and incentive mechanism.

Vice President Mr. Yao concludes that the seminar is both pragmatic and efficient, which indeed helps promote the integration of information and agriculture. Then, he also comes up with some suggestions. First and foremost, he stresses that everyone should attach great importance to the “Thirteen-Five” plan. It is an opportunity for us to summarize our work so as to facilitate the development of the college rather than a burden. Second, we shall understand the objective and significance of our university’s establishment of informatics college, which are developing information discipline and supporting relevant disciplines. Last but not least, not only the talents cultivation program should be strengthened and accelerated, but also the integral interdisciplinary system should be set up and improved. Moreover, all the colleges and departments are supposed to cooperate and establish the platform of integration.

(Translated by Zhuang Jing)