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Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program Approved by the Ministry of Education

Recently, the cooperative education program on marketing (with the direction in international agricultural product marketing) jointly run by the Harper Adams University (UK) and our school has passed the 2015 assessment of Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, according to the Notice of Announcement on Results of the 2015 Undergraduate and Above-Level Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program Assessment (J.W.S.B.X. [2015] No. 2028) released by the Ministry of Education.

In order to further implement the Ministry of Education’s Opinions on Further Strengthening the Quality Assurance of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program in Universities and Colleges and to comprehensively improve the quality and standard of the Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs, in accordance with relevant regulations in the Notice of the General Office of Ministry of Education to Assess the Sino-Foreign Cooperative education programs, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges under the Ministry of Education, together with the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center launched assessment on the Sino-foreign cooperative institutions and programs with the deadline of admissions at the end of 2016 and the programs evaluated as “conditionally approved” and “unqualified” in 2014 through the organization of self-assessment, on-line notice, comprehensive review and other procedures. The assessment results are divided into three levels including qualified, conditionally approved and unqualified. The Sino-foreign cooperative education program run by our school was rated as qualified, which is not only a recognition of the Sino-foreign cooperative education program standard of our school, but also a boost for our school to further introduce quality educational resources and promote educational and teaching reforms with a view to higher internationalization and better talent training.

The school entered into an agreement on cooperative education with Harper Adams University (UK) in 2012 and the Sino-foreign cooperative education program was approved and launched in 2013. Since the operation of the program, under the guidance of school leaders, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the Department of Planning and Finance, International Academy and the School of Economics and Management have made joint efforts to steadily establish a robust management mechanism, improving the quality assurance system and strengthening communication and coordination with the cooperative academy in order to introduce quality educational resources and promote the sound operation of the project.

Until now, 20 teachers or managerial staff have been sent to UK to learn the teaching methodology and operational mode in management with English as the sole medium. Thanks to the program, 15 courses taught in English have been introduced and 80 English textbooks have been received. What’s more, 3 online courses have been opened with a total number of 120 registered students. Among them, 13 have gone to Harper Adams University as exchange students.

(By Xue Jian)