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Talks held for Better Reading Environment

The Chief Librarian of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) Peng Guangmang held a talk between his staff members and book-lovers in newly built Boya study room, on the evening of December 26th.

"To Create a Favorable Environment for Readers"

Recently, whilst the newly built Huiya study room received unanimous acclaim from both teachers and students, some of book-lovers said that they had never enjoyed coffee offered in the “Cafe Corridor”. Peng said that efforts were being made and all readers would be able to enjoy coffee while reading books in the next semester.

Nan Peng, a human resource major student, argued that the heating functions of the air conditioners in four-to-six floors remained to be improved. Peng responded that he would solve the problem in the shortest time possible so as to create a favorable environment for students.

"Try to Meet the Need of Knowledge for Any Individual Student"

When it came to the limited number of English books and those of minority languages, Peng said they would try to meet the need of any individual student.

Peng welcomed recommended books for library acquisition which usually took at least 30 days. So he also advised students to make good use of e-book resources for reading .

A senior student proposed to build a "collection station" for stocking used books given by graduates, which was highly praised by Peng. In Peng’s view, reading was a process of sharing and the “collection station”gave readers an opportunity to read more books.

"To Make Proposals and Supervision through New Media"

At the end of the meeting, Peng said he welcomed any suggestion and comment on the library work through such channels as Microblog, WeChat and headmaster’s mailbox.

Besides, Peng encouraged readers to supervise librarians and report any misconduct of them, claiming that they would take tough measures to punish them.

(Translated by Zhang Anqi)