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Deng Xiuxin Led Delegate to Visit Benha University Egypt

The president of Benha University,Prof. Dr. Ali Shams EI Din meets with Deng Xiuxin

Singing ceremony for new agreements between HZAU and Benha University

President Deng Xiuxin and the delegates were welcomed by Benha University

Prof. Dr. Deng Xiuxin, President of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU), leading a largest-ever education delegation, visited the Benha University in Egypt from 3 April to 7 April.

The visit generated fruitful agreements with the counterparts in Egypt, including further cooperation in areas such as education collaboration on cultivating talented international students, cultural exchanges, facilitating young faculty member's academic visits and recruitment talented postdoc.

This visit indicates that HZAU is taking solid steps for implementing the Chinese central government’sBelt and Road Initiativestrategy , with a aim to establish a diversified multicultural environment in HZAU which is key to cultivating future leaders with a global perspective in students.

The visit included performances by a singing ceremony for new agreements and round-table talks of students, academic exchanges, and in-depth discussions about future collaborations. "The mutual engagement gets stronger all the time," the president of Benha University, Prof. Dr. Ali Shams EI Din, said. "We have a lot of good work to do together."

"We are confident that this and future HZAU-BENHA University, EGYPT Exchange activity will bring our two universities even closer together by expanding our academic and research cooperation and by encouraging cultural exchanges, we are determined to establish a role model for mutual university cooperation." Deng said,he called on both universities to make full use of its complementary advantages and work together in sectors including disciplinary building, teaching, scientific research, and exchanges of students and culture.

During the stay in Egypt, Deng participated inthe Third International Conference on Biotechnology Applications in Agricultureand delivered a plenary address on the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Yang Lioguo, Prof. Dr. Zhao Shuhong and Prof. Dr. Wang Xuelu also made invited presentation on the conference, showcasing the scientific advancements in our university.

In addition, Deng Xiuxin visited the Cairo university, had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, the Cairo University President. The two presidents stressed to seek education cooperation opportunity in the near future. Deng also paid a visit to the Confucius Institute at Cairo University in Egypt, had pleasant talks with the Chinese language instructor and students there.

Deng introduced the Huazhong Agricultural University's Mission and Facts together with the ambitious actions related to the Internationalization strategy of HZAU during a special interview arranged by theMiddle East, a magazine in Egypt.

Deng's visit to Egypt was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Hu Chengxiao, Prof. Dr. Han Heyou, Dr. Xiao Zhidong, from the Department of International Affaires, International College, Graduate School, and Department of Human Resources, respectively.

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