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2016 HZAU iGEM team is starting recruitment!

On the evening of November 26, International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) launched a campus recruitment at HZAU, selecting team members from all the students for 2017 iGEM competition. At the information session, core team members of iGEM unveiled the game through detailed description.

“iGEM, began in January 2003 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), is the top international academic competition in the field of synthetic biology.” Zhou Anqi, a student majored in biotechnology, briefly summarized. By means of synthetic biology, genetic network generates spatial patterns through cell. Each year, the research results of iGEM teams have not only attracted attention of Nature, Scientific American, The Economist and other academic journals, but also been featured by many major media all over the world. Zhou said, “In the spirit of openness, independence, enjoyment and application, iGEM provides a platform for students to display their innovation, and helps to improve students' awareness of social responsibility”. Then, Zhou provided students with a more comprehensive introduction of their previous projects and the schedule of iGEM in 2016.

Huang Wenqi, HZAU iGEM team leader from biotechnology class 1402, demonstrated regular procedure of the experiments through accurate data and vivid images. “iGEM is a showcase and window to the world. It gives you the courage to question authority and chance to enhance independent thinking.” Huang said. Hua Kangjian, one of its team member who have participated twice, said, “HZAU iGEM team has maintained vitality for its mentoring system. Although I no longer participate in the contest, I am still very much concerned about it and joined in the selection for the next competition.”

Since its establishment in 2013, HZAU iGEM team has been the gold medal winner in three consecutive years. The competition is divided into experimental group, mathematical modules group, web design and graphic design group and HP (Human Practice ) group. The team is instructed by Prof. Ma Binguang from College of Informatics and sponsored by Education Administration Office and the College of Life Sciences in our university. This year, HZAU has cooperated with universities including Zhejiang University, USTC, SYSU, which means that HZAU iGEM team will pay more attention to the intercollegiate collaboration so as to build a stronger team.

(By Pan Xiangcheng)