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Cross-Straits Symposium on Biotechnology Innovation at HZAU

On November 9 and 10, the 21st Century Cross-Straits Symposium on Biotechnology Innovation & Joint Conference on Life Sciences between HZAU and National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) was held in HZAU. Ten professors from NCHU and eight professors from College of Life Sciences and Technology of HZAU were invited to attend the symposium. The attendees are teachers and students from College of Life Sciences and Technology, College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences, College of Plant Sciences & Technology, College of Animal Sciences & Technology and College of Sciences.

Prof. He Jin from College of Life Sciences and Technology chaired the opening ceremony at half past eight on November. 9. Prof. Zhang Xianlong, Vice President of HZAU and Prof. Yang Changxian, Vice President of NCHU were both invited to deliver speeches. They introduced the teaching and research development of their respective universities and shared their main research achievements. Both of them hoped to strengthen mutual exchanges in academic and scientific cooperation.

After the opening ceremony, the first academic report was given by Prof. He Duanhua from NCHU, an academician of both TWAS (Third World Academy of Sciences) and Academia Sinica. He introduced the mechanism of molecular changes of rice root system under drought stress. Prof. Yan Jianbing from College of Life Sciences and Technology then profoundly analyzed the hereditary phenomena of complex quantitative traits of maize. Prof. Yu Shumei, an academician of TWAS (Third World Academy of Sciences) as well as an academician of Academia Sinica, made a report on the information transmission and molecular mechanism of the response of rice to nutrition starvation, hormone and antibiotic stress. Prof. Hu Honghong from College of Life Sciences and Technology gave a special report entitled “Early CO2 signal transduction in plant guard cells”. At last, a report on the development and research progress of anti-coronavirus drugs was made by Hou Minghong, the director of Bioinformatics Institute and affiliate professor of Academia Sinica and TIGP.

Seven professors from NCHU and five professors from HZAU exchanged their latest research progress of their laboratories on the afternoon of November 9 and the morning of November 10. Their researches range from macro-phenotype to microstructure, from crop improvement to drug development, from theory research to patent technology, in the field of plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses, which are all closely related to human production and their lives.

The attendees showed great interest in the symposium and took an active part in the Q&A section.

Finally, Prof. Yang thanked the hosts—Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office in HZAU and College of Life Sciences and Technology for their contributions in organizing this bilateral conference. He also hoped to further strengthen inter-collegiate scientific exchanges and co-operations to promote their mutual development in biotechnology innovation.

(By Fan Xiao)