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HZAU Co-organizes 1st National Conference on Raman-based Biomedical Application

From Nov. 4th to Nov. 7th, the 1st National Conference on Raman-based Biomedical Application was held in Wuhan, which was hosted by the Committee on Light Scattering of the Chinese Physical Society (CPS) and co-organized by Wuhan University, Shanghai Normal University and Huazhong Agricultural University. Over three hundred delegates from home and abroad attended this conference.

With the rapid development of Raman Spectra technology in the biomedical field, this conference aimed to promote the exchange and cooperation between researchers in the field of Raman Spectra and those in related fields, including biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine and nanoscience.

Plenary reports were given by distinguished scholars from home and abroad including Academician Tian Zhongqun from Xiamen University, Academician Li Can from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Jürgen Popp from Friedrich-Schiller-Universit?t Jena and Prof. Gerwin J. Puppels from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Meanwhile, special reports were made by over twenty experts from the field of Raman Spectra. The “Postgraduate Forum” and “Poster Exhibition” were set up to attract a vast number of students to exchange ideas.

Prof. Ren Bin from Xiamen University and other representatives delivered important speeches on the morning of Nov. 5th at the opening ceremony. Then, Prof. Jürgen Popp, Academician Li Can and more than 20 domestic and foreign scholars gave lectures on their own research areas. Dr. Han Heyou, Professor from the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology at HZAU, introduced the new strategy of SERS substrate preparation and its application in the detection of transgenic rice with the title of "New Strategy of SERS Base Construction and Its Analytical Application", which provided new methods and ideas for detection of transgenic agricultural products.

By Chen Chunjia