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Zhao Shumiao: Introducing Research Results into Fields and Factories

Zhao Shumiao, an associate Professor of College of Life Science and Technology in HZAU, is a member of the second batch of “Dr Service Team”.

Zhao Shumiao, born in the 1980s, took a temporary post as deputy general manager in Hanway Agricultural Company for two years running, mainly responsible for its technical center and new products development.

During the period, he was in charge of the application for “Deep Processing and Refinement of Freshwater Fish and Technology Industrialization on Effective Use of Fish Byproducts”, the major Provincial Innovation Plan and the State and Local Joint Engineering Center. He sorted out the application materials, wrote and revised the application form with the help of technicians, and then gave an oral defense for the project before the panel of judges. The project won the first place in agricultural group and was finally approved as one of the Major Special Projects by the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province with a fund of five- million-yuan.

He led the production and development of fish-flavor soy sauce. Since the new soy sauce workshop was set up, new products, like “Jingchu soy sauce”, “Basil-flavor soy sauce” and “Citrus-flavor soy sauce”, have been made, contributing to over 20 million yuan direct economic benefits.

Meanwhile, he brought in the university lab’s latest R&D fruit “new techniques enhancing sauce fermentation with microorganism” and converted it into research products, which completed a provincial sci-tech achievement appraisal, thus taking the lead in China.

As for the development of fruit vinegar, he guided his graduate students to analyze, test, and identify the microorganism in fermentative strain on HZAU research platform. This project passed the achievement assessment by the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province in May 2013, having a leading position at domestic level.

He said, “As an agricultural doctor of HZAU, what I am proud of most is changing my research results into agricultural and industrial products and making due contributions to enterprise development by converting my knowledge into productivity. ”

Tr. Zhang Li