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Teaching Achievements Appraisal in Food Specialty Held at HZAU

On the afternoon of February 17th, 2017, HZAU hosted an event in which teaching achievements in food specialty were appraised, chaired by Jiang Heng, Dean of Academic Affairs of HZAU, among the attendees were Wang Congyan, CPC Standing Committee Member of HZAU and President Assistant, officers in charge of the College of Food Science & Technology (CFST) and Academic Affairs, and members of the project team.

Members of the expert group included: Prof. Wang Xingping, Vice President of Hubei University for Nationalities, Prof. Li Deyuan from Military School of Economics, Prof. Song Fajun, Dean of Academic Affairs of the South-Central University for Nationalities, Prof. Ma Dan, Dean of Academic Affairs of Hubei University of Technology, Prof. Xu Weimin, Dean of Academic Affairs of Wuhan Polytechnic University.

On behalf of the project team, Zhang Zhuhong, Deputy Dean of the CFST, delivered a report entitled “The creation and practice of ‘double helix mode’ in food specialty talents cultivation” from several aspects which included the outline of achievements, innovations, application effects and promotion & demonstration. In response to the main problems of the food specialty talents cultivation, the project team focused on two crucial points- the basic principles and approaches of innovative practice, highlighted two main lines- the basic knowledge consolidation and innovative practice ability enhancement and created a double helix mode in food specialty talents cultivation. They also built a large number of national, provincial undergraduate teaching construction and reform projects, such as a national characteristic specialty- Food Science and Engineering, which had remarkable effects on the undergraduate cultivation and significantly improved the quality of talents. Therefore, the graduates have gained popularity and recognition in the company.

After the report, the experts looked through the relevant materials, questioned and discussed some issues, and then made comments. The expert group believed that the project team did a systematic study on the combination of theory and practice, so that the achievements were distinctive and innovative, which had strong promotion and application value on the cultivation of innovative food specialty talents. Finally, the appraisal committee unanimously approved the achievements and recommended to apply for the Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards.

(By Xing Congbo)