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HZAU Multi-level Interdisciplinary Curriculum System Passed Provincial Appraisal

On January 17, 2017, the teaching achievement entitled “Developing Multi-level Interdisciplinary Curriculum System to Cultivate Compound Talents in Land Resources Management” passed the provincial teaching achievement appraisal, which was led by Professor Zhang Anlu, Dean of Public Administration College of HZAU. It was evaluated to reach advanced level at home, and was recommended to apply for first prize for provincial teaching achievement.

Prof. Zhang explained that, in view of previous talents cultivated with simplified competence, the research team has been developing “multi-level interdisciplinary” curriculum system for up to ten years since January 2007. The College is committed to cultivating compound talents in land resources management, integrating four skills which are public base, professional adaptation, career development, innovation and entrepreneurship together.

The panel believed that the major innovations are both cultivating compound talents who master knowledge of cross-disciplines by establishing "interdisciplinary" curriculum system and fostering talents with compound competence by setting up multi-level curriculum system with progressive attainments——"base + profession + industry + excellence".

It is reported that the College has cultivated more than 2600 compound talents in land resource management major, and establish a land management course taught by Prof. Zhang Anlu as National Quality Resource Sharing Course listed in the Ministry of Education and two Provincial Excellent Courses——land use planning and land information system over the past ten years. Moreover, undergraduates of land resources management major won 85 awards from provincial or above subject contests, got 71 scientific and technological innovation fund projects, and participated in 22 National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

(By Li Yumei)