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HZAU’s 7th Annual Mathematics Culture Festival Kicks off

On March 14th, coinciding with the fifth “International Day of Mathematics,” the grand opening of the 7th Annual Mathematics Culture Festival opened at National Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology(NKLAM) at HZAU.

The “Musical Robots” exhibit at the Wuhan Museum of Science and Technology (Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

Teachers interact with robot exhibits(Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

Around 6 p.m, the conference hall was already bustling with activity. The melodic strains of music drifted through the air as two intelligent robots skillfully maneuvered their mechanical arms, captivating the attention of passing faculties and students who paused to witness the spectacle.

At 7 p.m., amid thunderous applause, the opening ceremony commenced. Distinguished guests including Professor Li Jicheng from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Vice Chairman Yuan Yanbin of the Wuhan Association for Science and Technology, Chen Haitao, head of the Wuhan Museum of Science and Technology, Professor Yan Jianbing, Vice President of HZAU, along with leaders and faculty members from various departments attended the event. Over 200 mathematics fans from HZAU were present, eagerly participating in the exchange and learning sessions. The ceremony was gracefully hosted by Professor Shen Jingfang from the College of Informatics

Yan Jianbing delivers the opening speech (Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

In his opening remarks, Yan Jianbing provided insights into the HZAU’s academic endeavors and its rich history of mathematical culture. He emphasized the pivotal role of mathematics not only as the foundation of science but also as the driving force behind the development of artificial intelligence. Yan encouraged students to seize the opportunity presented by the Mathematics Culture Festival to exchange ideas and unleash their creativity, thus enriching their understanding of the profound world of mathematics and charting the course for the future amidst the wave of artificial intelligence.

Yuan Yanbin delivers a speech (Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

Yuan Yanbin mentioned in his speech that the cooperation between the Mathematics Exhibition Hall of the Wuhan Museum of Science and Technology and HZAU originated from an “assignment”. He expressed hopes for further collaboration . Also, He encouraged students to discover the beauty of mathematics and unlock the doors to the mathematical realm during the festival.

Shortly after the opening ceremony, Professor Li Jicheng delivered a keynote speech “The Aesthetic Beauty of Mathematics”, engaging the audience in a dialogue on the elegance of mathematics.

Li Jicheng delivers a keynote speech (Photo/Li Haoxin)

Professor Li commenced his discourse by illustrating the omnipresence of mathematics in daily life, from mundane activities to intricate technological advancements. He underscored the indispensability of mathematical thinking in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape and urged students to train their mathematical thinking, enabling them to decipher and interpret the world through a mathematical lens.

Students immerse in the report (Photo/Li Haoxin)

Professor Li recounted fascinating mathematical problems and ingenious formulas, such as Fermat's Last Theorem and mathematical palindromes, illustrating the captivating allure of mathematics and its profound impact on human cognition. He emphasized the philosophical underpinnings of mathematics, highlighting its role as a catalyst for logical reasoning and pursuit of perfection. It is precisely the beauty of mathematics that keeps people tirelessly engaging in the study of mathematics.

In conclusion, Professor Li shared a curated selection of mathematical literature with the audience, encouraging students to embark on a journey of exploration through the captivating realm of mathematics and scale in a new height in the field of mathematics.

This year's Mathematics Culture Festival, organized by the College of Informatics and co-sponsored by various organizations including the Wuhan Association for Science and Technology and the Wuhan Museum for Science and Technology, promises a plethora of engaging activities centered around the theme of “Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.” The festival also emphasized the core role of mathematics in the progress of AI. Through exhibitions, films, and interactive sessions, faculty and students had the opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship between mathematics and modern technology, paving the way for innovative discoveries and intellectual enlightenment.


Translated by Sun Ying

Proofread by Zhu Kaiyue

Supervised by Pan Buhan