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2023 HZAU Freshmen Table Tennis Championship Ends

On the morning of December 2nd, 2023, the highly anticipated HZAU Freshmen Table Tennis Championship took place in the East Gymnasium.

Preparations of the first round [photo/ Li Xiang]

The men’s singles commenced with a match between Yuan Wenbo from the College of Public Administration and Bi Ziyao from the College of Engineering. As the game started, Bi displayed remarkable focus and agility, half-squatting down to serve with his eyes shining. Yuan, on the other hand, remained calm and quick-witted, swiftly returning the ball. Bi gracefully maneuvered to the left and executed a powerful shot, intensifying the atmosphere in an instant. The two players engaged in an intense back-and-forth, captivating the audience. Suddenly, Yuan surprised everyone with a perfect loop, causing Bi to miss. Ultimately, Yuan emerged victorious with a score of 2-0.

The player receives the ball [photo/ Li Xueyi]

The backhand drive of the player [photo/ Han Xinyao]

The women’s singles preliminaries featured a fierce match between Zhou Mingli from the College of Fisheries and Qi Yanjie from the College of Horticultural & Forestry Sciences.The two opponents were evenly matched, and the scores were running neck-and-neck. Zhou’s attack had been coming on strong, and Qi kept blocking it with backhand loop whenever she found an opportunity. Suddenly, Qi Yanjie delivered a powerful smash, causing Zhou to misjudge the ball. In the end, Qi Yanjie emerged as the winner with a score of 2-1.

The scene of the game [photo/Li Xueyi]

The mixed doubles followed, bringing forth an intense battle between all teams. They exhibited speed, agility, and a wide array of impressive techniques. The match was a spectacle of smashing, feinting, and strategic play. Ultimately, teams from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and the College of Fisheries advanced to the finals.

The scene of the mixed doubles final [Photo/Zhou Zirui]

At four o’clock in the afternoon, after a fierce competition, Fu Xiang and Liang Yuan from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences faced off against Li Wenhan and Shen Danping from the College of Fisheries in the postgraduate students’ mixed doubles final. The two teams engaged in an exciting back-and-forth with the score tied. However, the College of Humanities & Social Sciences secured the first game with a steady and ingenious attack. After a short break, the College of Fisheries’ mixed doubles team regrouped and showcased their skillful coordination, and won the second game. The contest intensified as both sides fought fiercely. The slight difference in scores heightened the excitement among the audience, leading to a crescendo of cheers. With a final beautiful smash, the College of Humanities & Social Sciences’ mixed doubles team won with a score of 3-1, claiming the championship in the match.

The player serves the ball [Photo/Li Xueyi]

The player receives the ball[Photo/Li Xueyi]

The scene of the men’s singles’ final. [Photo/Zhou Zirui]

The player serves the ball.[Photo/Wang Wenshuo]

The player pose to serve the ball. [Photo/Han Xinyao]

In the postgraduate men’s singles held at Table 6, Yuan Bowen from the College of Public Administration faced off against Dong Mingxuan from the College of Informatics. The first game saw an intense exchange of fierce attacks, with both players demonstrating incredible skill and precision. They engaged in quick counters, powerful smashes, and expert blocks, showcasing an array of remarkable techniques. Amidst the resounding cheers, Yuan’s performance grew stronger. After a drop shot was played, he patiently waited for an opportunity to attack Dong’s long serve. By consistently applying pressure, Yuan steadily increased his lead. With a final triumphant shot, Yuan secured three consecutive points, clinching the championship with an absolute 3-0 advantage.

The final player smashes the ball [Photo/Zhou Zirui]

The player receives the ball [Photo/Li Xueyi]

Meanwhile, at Table 7, the women’s singles’ final in the undergraduate group was well underway. Wang Xinyuan from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences faced off against Peng Zixuan from the College of Economics and Management. In the first two games, Wang made errors in offense, allowing Peng to win both. However, in the third and fourth games, Wang calmly adjusted her serving pace. Instead of taking the initiative, she strategically timed her forehand smashes, causing frequent netball by Peng. With the score tied at 2-2, Wang leveled the playing field. The fifth game saw an acceleration in pace, heightening the tension to its peak. The clash between table tennis and the table echoed throughout the venue. The score is tied again at 9-9.
In the end, Wang demonstrated exceptional skill by scoring three consecutive points, turning the tables against the odds, and securing the women’s singles championship in the undergraduate group with an impressive score of 3-2. The atmosphere in the venue erupted in celebration, with cheering and jubilation filling the air. The players set aside their bats and shook hands. Reflecting on her victory, Wang Xinyuan from Class 2305 of Sociology remarked, “Although I won the championship, I still need to continue training hard and improving my skills. I am grateful for the support and motivation from my teammates.”

The player receives the ball [Photo/Li Xueyi]

The player receives the ball [Photo/Li Xueyi]

At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Shan Xinru, the Chief Referee, announced the results of the Freshmen Table Tennis Championship. Qing Ping, the vice President, Cai Jiang, the director of the Graduate School Education Management office, Zou Wei, the deputy director of the Sports Department, and Chen Jin, the deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, presented medals and trophies to the winners of the teams, mixed doubles, men’s singles, and women’s singles events. They also took commemorative photos with the winners. 

The picture of Qing Ping and the winning teams [Photo/Wang Wenshuo]

The picture of Qing Ping and the excellent umpires [Photo/Wang Wenshuo]


Translated by: Hu Miao
Proofread by: Fu Shipeng
Supervised by: Wang Xiaoyan