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CAS Researcher Chu Chengcai Leatures in HZAU

On Dec. 16, Researcher Chu Chengcai reported on the topic of “Efficient Utilization of Plant Resources” in HZAU. Chu Chengcai, Researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics (SKLPG) and Professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), is the holder of over 40 patents and the author of over 130 publications in world-renowned journals such as Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Plants and Nature Communications. He was selected as one of the “Highly Cited Researchers” by Clarivate Analytics in 2019.

In his report, Chu explained his team’s research on the functional mechanism of NRT1.1A in rice and the differentiation of NRT1.1A and NRT1.1B in terms of its subcelluar localization and function. He thought that even if genes that are highly homologous might be different in their functions, Nitrate Transporter, including NRT1.1A and NRT1.1B, have other functions like breeding except for its transport function.
According to his research, Chu shared five key points, including combination of theory and practice, the application and innovation of methodology, connecting the dots, long-term vision and cross-discipline. And he emphasized the integration of Molecules, Genetics, Physiology and Biochemistry to solve the problems in modern agricultural science.
In Q&A session, Chu answered the questions like screening of transcriptional gene, nitrogen and phosphorus signaling networks and the research on nitrogen forms. He shared his opinions about efficient utilization of plant nutrients, which is too complex to be unraveled in a short time.

Translated by: Yang Ting
Supervised by: Jin Bei