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The 10th Academic Conference of “Life Science in HZAU" Held in HZAU

On December 14, the 10th academic conference of “Life Science in HZAU” was held in HZAU. Professor Zhu Yuxian, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to give a guest speech. More than ten professors from the College of Life Science and Technology and 19 outstanding graduates from universities such as Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University shared their views.
Academician Zhu Yuxian made a report on “Variomne, Transcriptome and Functional Genes of Cotton”. He mentioned that the molecular mechanism and regulation of fiber protrusion and elongation could be explored by studying the functional genomics, transcriptomics in the early stages of fiber development in upland cotton and functional genomes of gossypium raimondii and gossypium arboreum L. At the same time, through large-scale transcriptome analysis, a large number of genes specifically expressed in the process of fiber protrusion or elongation can be obtained, so as to seek for a new method for gene function identification of cotton.
Teachers from different research fields of the College of Life Science and Technology shared the latest research progress. Professor Zhao Yu made a report on “Study on the Three-Dimensional Genomic Structure of Single-Cell Chromatin in Rice Germ Cells”. She elaborated on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of rice root production from the perspective of plant organogenesis, regulation and other scientific issues. Professor Lai Zhibing introduced the research progress on molecular mechanism of maize disease resistance and pathogenic mechanism of pathogenic bacteria. Professor Yan Shunping shared the research progress on the mechanism of plant DNA damage repair, and introduced characteristics of the structural maintenance ofchromosomes in detail. Other teachers such as Wang Gejiao, He Jin, Zhang Jibin, Peng Nan, Zhang Xiaoyan, Liu Zhu, and Sun Shiyong respectively delivered the reports on “Microbial remediation of soil contaminated with cadmium and chromium”, “Riboswitch:An important regulatory element for synthetic biology”, “Study and Application of Organic Waste Conversion by Stratiomyiid and Microorganism”, “Probiotics and Enzymes for Breeding Industry: Production, Application and Prospect”, “Golgi Structure Formation, Function, and Response to Cellular Stresses”, “Dynamic Activation and Regulation of Enzymes”, “Regulation of Strigolactone Signal Transduction on Plant Branch Development”.
It is reported that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the academic conference “Life Science in HZAU”. The College of Life Science and Technology has repeatedly discussed about who would be invited as reporters, what themes should be involved and how views could are exchanged, in order to broaden students’ horizons and spark innovative thinking in academic exchanges.

Translated by: Lu Liling
Supervised by: Jin Bei