Announcement on the 120th Anniversary Celebration of HZAU (No.1)

On October 2, 2018, Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) will celebrate its 120th anniversary. Through 120 years’ cultivation in the land of education, HZAU has its graduates in all walks of life all over the world. At the beginning of this spring, we earnestly invite our alumni worldwide to come back in the golden season for rejoicing and celebration.

“All brilliant youth should come and have education here since agriculture serves as a pillar industry for the country.” As one of the cornerstones of modern China’s higher agricultural education, HZAU was formerly founded by Zhang Zhidong as Hubei Agricultural School in 1898. Now through years of joint efforts by the teachers and students, it has become a key university under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education and one of the national 211 Project key universities and 985 Project Innovation Platforms. HZAU is also on the list of “Double-First Class” initiative released in 2017, with five disciplines included. In the fourth round of national disciplinary evaluation, 7 disciplines have been assessed as A level, covering science, agriculture, engineering and management. The overall level of both the disciplines and the university’s comprehensive strength is continuously rising.

For 120 years, HZAU has been taking the responsibility of “carrying forward agriculture and national glory”, upholding the spirit of “learn and practice, achieve and help achieve”, and adhering to the principle of “nurturing talent and prioritizing scholarship”. In a unity of knowing and doing, HZAU remains low-key, independent, united, industrious, truth-seeking and enterprising. By enhancing its strength in certain fields and promoting its overall capacity, HZAU has become a distinctive research-intensive university featuring agriculture and life science with coordinative development of all the other disciplines embracing sciences, engineering, liberal arts, law, economics and management, and arts and philosophy. All these years, HZAU has trained over 200,000 talented people making significant contributions to the prosperity of the country and human progress.

120 years’ unremitting pursuit, we have been industrious in learning and vigorous in practice; 120 years’ relentless efforts, we have been establishing our prestige to get others established. At the juncture of a new era, to celebrate the 120th anniversary of HZAU, various and colorful academic and cultural activities will be held throughout the year. On the anniversary day, there will be a grand gathering for our alumni and friends from all social sectors with great hope of promoting the ethos of industrious learning and the solidarity for creating a bright future. Here again, we would like to invite all our alumni and friends to spare a time to come and integrate into the grand occasion; we sincerely hope our alumni worldwide will return home to recall the past as well as look into the future. At the foot of the Shizishan(Lion Hill), beside the South Lake, let us express our dream and love towards our country in the name of youth together!

It is hereby notified for your knowledge.

Huazhong Agricultural University
February 4th, 2018