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Team Led By Yang Rong From ACFSMC Visits The HZAU To Investigate The Development Of Beekeeping Discipline

A few days ago, Yang Rong, president of China Bee Products Association (CBPA) and director of Science and Technology Promotion Center of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC), together with his team(members), came to Huazhong Agricultural University to investigate the discipline construction and development of beekeeping. Zhao Shuhong, Dean of College of Animal Science and Technology and College of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Professor Li Xiang of the College, Chairman of Apiculture Society of Hubei province, and other members attended the seminar.

Zhao Shuhong introduced the general development of the College of Animal Science and Technology & College of Veterinary Medicine and the important measures to promote the development of the beekeeping discipline and the Hubei Apiculture Society in terms of discipline construction and talent introduction. Li Xiang introduced the development course of Hubei Apiculture Society in the past 40 years, analyzed the development of the society since it was attached to the College, and studied the challenges and opportunities for its future development.

Yang Rong spoke highly of the measures taken by HZAU to support the development of beekeeping discipline and the development of apiculture in Hubei province. He hoped to strengthen and further the scientific research cooperation with Huazhong Agricultural University and Hubei Apiculture Society in the basic research fields of bee germplasm resource utilization, bee product quality and function.


Translated by: Xiong Yan
Supervised by: Zhang Juan