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President Li Zhaohu Investigates Ideological and Political Theory Education in the College of Marxism

On October 7, HZAU President Li Zhaohu investigated ideological and political theory education in the College of Marxism. Relevant responsible institutions and persons participated in the investigation, including those of the Party Committee and the leaders of the College.
Liang Weijun, Dean of the College of Marxism, reported on the development of the College as well as ideological and political theory education, combining with the requirements and implementation of the goals, ideas and major initiatives of the 10th Party Congress. Cheng Huadong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Li Kai, Deputy Dean of the College, and many teachers have exchanged ideas combining with their practical work on the development of the college and  ideological and political theory education.
Li spoke highly of the College’s initial aspiration and mission of moral values establishment and talents educating and emphasized that talents educating should be put in the first place. While giving full play to its own characteristics, the College should adhere to a high-quality and high-level development. In terms of team building, it should not only recruit talents by "bringing in", but also have the ambition of "educating talents by ourselves".
Li pointed out that the development of the College should keep pace with the development of the country and of HZAU. While following the basic principles of developing the College of Marxism, we should innovate to break through the "old ideas" and find "new methods" as well.
Li emphasized that the delivery of the ideological and political theory education is the top priority. To strengthen its development, we need to plan it as a whole, integrating the national, social and agricultural situations with the course of Situation and Policy, to underline agricultural characteristics based on the goal of revitalizing agriculture, concentrating on delivering well the course. At the same time, we should be more open-minded to introduce excellent teaching resources, and guide students to study the history of the Party, the country, the nation and the connotation of the subjects independently, transforming their thoughts from "I have to learn" into "I want to learn".
Li hopes that the College further promotes development of its own and of the ideological and political theory education, by integrating the spirits of conferences on ideological and political conferences and Xi Jinping's reply to the heads and experts of agricultural universities, with focusing on the fundamental task of moral values establishment and talents educating on its own advantages and putting forward concrete, feasible and reasonable developing plans.


Translated by: Huang Rong 2019313121001
Supervised by: Zhang Juan