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“Mini Garden” Building Skill Competition & the 5th Mini Garden Exhibition of HZAU

On the morning of May 6th, the “Mini Garden” building skill competition & the 5th Mini Garden Exhibition of HZAU was launched by the Landscape Architecture Department of the College of Horticulture & Forestry Science(CHFS) in the open area in front of its office building, with the aim of further applying the teaching principle of “situational education” and in response to the “World Landscape Architecture Month” advocated by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). Gao Chi, the leading professor in the discipline of Landscape Architecture at HZAU, Wang Changchun, associate dean of CHFS, Wu Xuefei, head of Landscape Architecture Department, and some teachers and students of the department attended the activity.

Before the opening ceremony, the attendees studied the prototype of the “mini garden” being constructed by the competitors and praised them highly for their efforts. Seeing some students at work, the teachers came up to demonstrate how to use shovels properly so that they would not get injured.

Gao Chi demonstrating how to shovel to students

At the opening ceremony, Gao Chi spoke highly of students’ works. Gao said students’ works are the indication of their capability of putting theory into practice as well as the best manifestation of the school’s teaching quality, and the teachers would be proud of students for their excellent and brilliant designs. “I also expect our students to excel their teachers in landscape design,” he pointed out: “we are not only creating landscapes in the ordinary sense, but also creating ‘the artistic conception’. This is how our students can be more competitive than those from other universities. That is why we are in relentless pursuit of the artistic beauty.” Gao Chi also stressed that in the first year after the 120th anniversary of the founding of HZAU, these mini gardens would not only improve the campus landscape and enrich its culture, but also bring pleasant memories for the graduating students.

“This meaningful event is significant in enhancing students’ passion for their major.” Wang Chunchao said,“It is happy and lucky for one to major in Landscape Architecture since you can perceive and create special beauty in life with professional knowledge.” At the same time, Wang expressed that when designing a Mini Garden, we not only need to consider its beauty in “form” but also its beauty in “sense”. Only by combining both can we achieve the true “artistic” beauty .

It is reported that the main competitors are students of 2020 in Landscape Architecture Department, and their works are designed for the 5th Mini Garden Exhibition of HZAU lasting for a month. Four prizes are set in the competition, namely the best idea, the best craftwork, the best management and maintenance, and the best team, and the judges include Gao Chi, Wu Xuefei, Qiu Hongfei, and Qin Renqiang. In addition, Hu Huirong, an associate professor from the Landscape Architecture of CHFS, is particularly invited to give guidance.