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HZAU Holds Research Project Seminar of Rapid Detection of Antibody in Pig with Epidemic

On April 27, the research project seminar "Rapid Detection of Major Antibodies of Pig with Epidemic " was held in the B105 conference room of College of Animal Sciences & Technology. Attendees were Guo Junqing, the project's chief researcher, Dr. Zhang Jianmin, director of the Rural Center Project Management Department, MOST, and Prof. Zhou Rui, vice dean of College of Veterinary Medicine, etc. The meeting was presided over by Prof. He Qigai, the subproject chairman.
On behalf of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Zhou extended warm welcome to all the attendees. Then, Tian Yu delivered a speech on behalf of HZAU Science and Technology Development Institute, the management department of the project team. He explained the changes in requirements of the national key R&D special management from many aspects. He also stressed the importance of the study of the national management policy, the performance evaluation, the proper use of the project funds and the practice of research integrity. Zhang, from MOST, reiterated that attendees should use the funds appropriately, and suggested that researchers should summarize their main research results, and combine them with their research expertise to prepare for the future research during the 14th Five-Year Plan.
Before the project report, Guo extended gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Prof. Chen Huanchun, academician of CAE, and all participants. Then he made clear the tasks of each subproject and reminded the leaders of each subproject to fulfill targets on time. Then, He Qigai, Shao Guoqing, Xu Lu and other directors successively reported the progress and results of their researches. After that, there was a heated discussion in which some suggestions were offered. Finally, Guo concluded that the leaders should be clear of the project progress, and use the project funds appropriately, so as to ensure the project acceptance.
The project is reported to progress smoothly. Each subproject team has known the focus of the task well, and recognized the importance of proper use of funds. The project focuses on industry-university cooperation, so it serving the guidance for the prevention and control of epidemics in pig breeding industry in China.