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Auburn University Delegation Visits HZAU

On April 17, Paul Patterson, dean of Auburn University (AU)'s School of Agriculture and George Flowers, dean of AU’s Graduate School visited HZAU. President Li Zhaohu and vice president Qingping met the delegation in the conference room on the second floor of the Administration Building. The two sides exchanged views on inter-school cooperation. Qingping presided over this meeting and attendees included principal officials of Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate School, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and relevant colleges.

First, President Li gave a welcome speech and recalled his study in Auburn University. He said that since Hubei province and Alabama established friendly relations, the two sides had attained remarkable achievements on exchanges and cooperation in economy and trade and further cooperation was expected to carry out in agriculture, education and other fields to achieve mutual benefit and development. In the new environment of openness and cooperation, there were many new opportunities for the two schools to cooperate in such fields as teachers training, students exchanges and scientific research. So he hoped to take this visit as an opportunity to promote more substantial cooperation. Then, Qingping introduced the basic situation of HZAU from the aspects of school profile, discipline distribution, teacher’s team, scientific research achievements, students' situation and the progress of international cooperation. At last, Huang Qiaoyun, President of College of Resources & Environment, and Paul Patterson signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. The two sides held substantive talks on scientific research cooperation, teachers exchange, students exchange and specific plans for the establishment of Auburn College in HZAU.

In the afternoon, the Auburn University delegation was divided into three groups for reporting and having meetings on the cooperation. George Flowers delivered a report on the fifth floor of the Administration Building entitled "Graduate Education and Research at Auburn University". Yucheng Feng, professor of Auburn university and Henry Fadamiro, dean’s assistant of the School of Agriculture introduced Auburn University and its “3+2 program” to students at College of Resources & Environment. William Batchelor, Xiao Li and Charles Chen professor of Auburn University, introduced the basic information of Auburn University, the frontier innovation of the discipline and delivered a report on academic research. Paul Patterson and the faculty and students of College of Resources & Environment hold a round table to discuss issues on cooperation and to answer questions for the faculty and students.


Translated by: Yang Xinyi

Supervised by: Zhang Juan