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Evaluation Meeting on Orchard Transporters Held by College of Engineering

On the afternoon of April 17, an evaluation meeting on two scientific research achievements, 7YGD-Q55 remote-controlled two-way tractor-type monorail mountain orchard transporter and 7YGD-Z75 self-propelled monorail mountain orchard transporter, was held at the International Academic Exchange Center. The evaluation meeting was chaired by Xia Jianming, deputy director of Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province.

The orchard transporters were initiated in 2007 and continuously optimized by a team in the charge of Professor Zhang Yanlin and Associate Professor Li Shanjun from College of Engineering of HZAU. Now the team has cooperated with Wuhan Ligeng Orchard Machinery Co., Ltd. to achieve mass production. The orchard transporters have been popularized and applied in 14 provinces and cities, such as Hubei, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong and Chongqing, which has made innovative breakthroughs in solving a series of technical problems in the transportation in mountain orchards in China and obtained great economic and social benefits.

Yao Jianglin, vice-president of HZAU, spoke highly of two technologies developed by College of Engineering. He pointed out that these achievements had contributed to the Strategy of Rural Revitalization in China: "Thriving businesses are the foundation to fight against poverty. For mountainous and hilly areas, the key point is to develop horticultural industry to help farmers get rid of poverty and become rich in a rapid way, hence the realization of motorized transportation in orchards is of great significance."

Professor Luo Xiwen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and researcher Zhu Ming of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering Planning & Design are the group leader and deputy leader of the evaluation meeting respectively. Scholars from Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hubei Provincial Bureau of Agricultural Machinery, Wuhan University listened to the achievement report by Professor Li Shanjun. Luo inquired about the innovations of technology, the advantages and disadvantages of products, and the foothold in the market, and Zhu put forward his opinions on the systematic integration of achievements. The scholars involved also made suggestions from several dimensions on the track clearance of transporters, the matching of customer demand, the publication of relevant scientific research results, the formulation of technical standards, the support of national policies and the establishment of intellectual property rights and the promotion of equipment industrialization. Through listening to reports, field visits and inquiries, and the evaluation on two transporters in terms of maturity, innovation and advancement, the expert group confirmed that the technology of transporters met the requirements, and the scientific and technological achievements reached the international advanced level. With results, the evaluation meeting was a great success.


Translated by: Zhou Shuai

Supervised by: Zhang Juan