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​Seminar of Collaborative Research Alliance of Efficient Cotton Planting Technology Held in HZAU

On March 31, the Collaborative Research Alliance of Efficient Cotton Planting Technology, initiated by Professor Yang Guozheng of the College of Plant Sciences & Technology, held the first meeting of the fourth seminar in the main building. The attendees included the alliance leaders and technicians from Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jingzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xiangyang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huanggang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jingmen Academy of Agricultural Sciences and HZAU. Li Zhaohu, HZAU president, and Yan Jianbing, the dean of the College of Plant Sciences & Technology, attended the seminar.

Li Zhaohu said given that Hubei has large cotton yielding and high industrial demands, all parties should strengthen cooperation and coordination, with the 14th Five-Year Plan in mind, to contribute more to the cotton industry in Hubei. He acknowledged the alliance as an essential force for smart cultivation of cotton. Yan Jianbing believed that the College of Plant Sciences & Technology, during its development transformation, could make efforts to strengthen cooperation with prefecture-level cities for substantial progress and to play an active role in industry rejuvenation. The alliance manifests itself as a positive endeavor that echoes such changes.

At the seminar, each representative of the academy took turns to report on the implementation of the pilot and demonstration projects which were uniformly designed by the alliance in 2018. After that, they discussed the theory and technology of efficient cotton production based on the research results. Associate researcher Qin Hongde of the Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences gave a summary report on the results of the alliance test, and Yang Guozheng made a summary on the work of the alliance including the achievements, and shortcomings of the past year and the work plan for this year.

In response to the declining benefits in cotton production, Yang Guozheng put forward the idea of reducing investment while maintaining production, and together with other academies in 2016 he formed the Collaborative Research Alliance of Efficient Cotton Planting Technology. Since the establishment, it has put more efforts on the experimental demonstration of high-efficiency planting technology of cotton’s direct seeding in summer (after rape harvest/after wheat harvest). The results of demonstration and popularization over the past few years have shown that the technological system can realize six "25", that is, space efficiency on seed cotton: 25 kg / 67 m2, labor efficiency on lint: 25 kg / day, time efficiency: 25 kg / day / ha, fertilizer efficiency on seed cotton: 25 kg / kg N, pesticide efficiency increased by 25%, capital efficiency increased by 25%. At present, the alliance has won two certificates of achievement and established 1 local standard in Hubei Province.


Translated by Fan Qiu

Supervised by Xie Lujie