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SS Disease and HPS Disease Bivalent Subunit Vaccine Categorized as National First-Class New Veterinary Drugs

Recently, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the P.R.C issued a new veterinary drug registration certificate. The Streptococcus Suis (SS) disease and Haemophilus Parasuis (HPS) disease Bivalent Subunit Vaccine, the new drug developed by Professor Jin Meilin’s team from HZAU were categorized as national first-class new veterinary drugs (New Veterinary Medicine Certificate No. 9, 2019).  

As the first and second largest bacterial pathogens in clinical research in the pig industry, SS and HPS are easy to cause high morbidity and mortality and are extremely harmful to the pig industry. Since 2007, related researches have been carried out to apply the theory of reverse vaccines to the research of bacterial vaccines such as SS, and the broad-spectrum protective functional proteins were discovered. The research has also broken through many key technical bottlenecks such as the construction of Escherichia coli genetic engineering vectors, microbial high-density fermentation and high protein expression, and finally developed bivalent subunit vaccines against SS disease and HPS disease.  

This vaccine is safe, effective, broad-spectrum and targeted, solving the worldwide problem of multiple pathogens and serotype coinfection. It is the first subunit vaccine against SS and HPS diseases in the world. Moreover, the vaccine is technologically innovative, wide in protection spectrum and has excellent immune effect. No genetic engineering subunit vaccine against SS and HPS diseases has come out or been sold at home and abroad. The protein antigen of vaccine products is safer, accurate with little side-effect. The vaccine meets the requirements of national technological innovation and provides new ideas and new products for the reduction of antibacterial drugs.

Six SCI papers related to this drug were published, 2 patents granted, 4 certificates of agricultural GMO biosafety obtained, and 3 enterprises were set to produce related biological products. This research was supported by 863 National Plan of 11th and 12th Five-Year Plan and National Public Welfare Industry of 13th Five-Year Plan. From the discovery of functional proteins to the acquisition of the certificate, Professor Jin’s team has gone through 12 years of hard work. During the whole stage of R&D, many graduate students of the team and enterprise R&D personnel participated in the “relay run”.


Translated by: Yang Chengzhi

Supervised by: Wang Xiaoyan