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Academician Fu Bojie and Researcher Fellow Liu Yansui Make Academic Reports at HZAU

On the afternoon of June 3rd, academician Fu Bojie and research fellow Liu Yansui visited the College of Resources & Environment of HZAU to participate in the series of academic activities for “celebrating the 120th anniversary of the founding of HZAU and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the College”. Fu Bojie is an academician of Chinese Academy of sciences (CAS) and a research fellow of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, and Liu Yansui is a research fellow of Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, CAS and a distinguished professor in Cheung Kong Scholars Program of Beijing Normal University. Fu Bojie and Liu Yansui delivered academic reports on “Coupling Method of Water-Carbon Services in Ecosystem” and “Modern Land Resources and Land Regulation Project” respectively. Before the meeting, Gao Chi, Party Secretary of HZAU, welcomed the Fu and Liu’s delegation. He introduced the history of HZAU and preparations made for the 120th anniversary. Prof. Tan Wenfeng, Deputy Dean of the College of Resources & Environment presided over the meeting.

At first, academician Fu introduced some basic knowledge of ecosystem service in terms of relevant concepts and classifications, and illustrated the current efforts and achievements made by international and domestic research teams in the evaluation of ecosystem services. Later, based on his research team’s work experiences in the Loess Plateau for more than 20 years, he took water-carbon balance researches as examples to introduce the balancing method of ecosystem service and related theories of regional integration of ecosystem service.

Research fellow Liu’s report included the following three aspects: “dimensions and understanding of modern land resources”, “experiment and application of land regulation project” and “thoughts on innovating land resource researches”. By introducing the examples of land regulation projects carried out by his research teams throughout the country, he explained the implementation measures and effectiveness of combining land engineering with rural revitalization. Liu pointed out that land management and rural revitalization can be well combined to make farmers rich through ecological construction. Emphasizing the potential of farmers and enhancing rural areas to create wealth is the basis for realizing rural revitalization.

Finally, Fu and Liu discussed with present teachers and students on many topics, such as whether the micro-process of soil chemistry can be combined with ecological function services, the applicability of comprehensive indicators for the versatility of ecosystems, and conflicts between the grain production center transferring to north and the water demand for returning farmland to forests on the Loess Plateau.
Translator: Zhang Kaili
Supervisor: Pan Buhan