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HZAU Attends “Double First-Class” Agricultural University League Inaugural Meeting

On May 28, “Double First-Class” Agricultural University League was founded in Beijing. HZAU’s three-person delegation led by Vice President Li Chongguang attended the Inaugural Meeting and Seminar on Discipline Construction and signed a joint declaration. Feng Yongping, Director of Development Planning Office of HZAU gave a report entitled Accelerating the “Double First-Class” Construction,While Achieving High-Quality Development.

The League was jointly initiated by 17 universities, including China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University and Northeast Agricultural University. It features agricultural disciplines including Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, and Food Science and Engineering, etc. The League aims to jointly promote the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines, collectively explore the essence, models and approaches of the“Double First-Class” construction with Chinese characteristics and agricultural specialties, and further strengthen opening cooperation and collaborative innovation among universities.

Government officials attended the meeting and made speeches respectively, including Xu Zhongbo, Deputy Director of Department of Degree Management & Postgraduate Education (Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee), Feng Zhiyong, Deputy Director of Department of Science, Technology and Education of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Zou Qinghao, Director of Department of Human Resources of National Forestry and Grassland Administration. The administrative and academic leaders from 17 universities with agricultural, forestry and aquaculture specialties also attended the meeting.

After Sun Qixin, President of China Agricultural University and several government officials made speeches during the opening ceremony, the participants from 17 universities exchanged the experience of the“Double First-Class" construction, signed the joint declaration, and settled the league work plan. They also discussed the ways to monitor“Double First-Class" agricultural discipline trends and conduct performance evaluation.

The League will focus on promoting in-depth cooperation among member universities in varied fields, such as talents training, scientific research, public service, cultural inheritance and innovation, international cooperation and exchanges. The League will encourage member universities to jointly serve the national strategy and solve major problems in agriculture and forestry. It will also explore the meanings and standards of world-class discipline construction with Chinese characteristics, and enhance resource sharing among league members. Member universities will independently carry out discipline evaluation and jointly conduct major cutting-edge studies to set the trends for discipline development and advance disciplines to a higher level.
Translated by: Wang Jiarui
Proofread by: Pan Buhan