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2017 Chinese Young Food Scientists Academic Salon was Held in Wuhan

The 2017 Academic Salon of Chinese Young Food Scientists was held in Wuhan from December 8th to 10th, which was jointly organized by College of Food Science & Technology of HZAU, School of Food and Biological Engineering of Hubei University of Technology and OCRI CAAS. More than 100 young scientists in food industry who came from nearly 60 colleges and research institutes nationwide participated in this salon.

Yang Renhai, the Party Secretary of College of Food Science & Technology of HZAU hosted the opening ceremony and Yao Jianglin, the Vice President, addressed the opening speech on behalf of organizer. Yao introduced the present situation and characteristics of HZAU vividly through four keywords “long (long history), large (large area), beautiful (beautiful campus), special (special disciplines)”. Since food industry is China’s pillar industry, he hoped that all young scholars could fully exchange ideas on major problems in food science and technology field, discuss the latest research direction, and probe into its future development. He also hoped that young scholars could promote more cooperation and seek common development so as to make great achievement together.

New significant changes have taken place in food industry, and development drivers, development pattern, development elements all confront new challenges. Under this background, the theme of this salon is new era, new food and new research, and its emphasis is on how to carry out extensive cooperation and improve innovation, thus promoting food industrial development.

Prof. Jiang Zhengqiang from China Agricultural University, Prof. Zhou Xiaobo from Jiangsu University, and prof. Li Bin of HZAU delivered keynote reports entitled “eatedu— our duty”, “intelligent food testing and processing”, and “new era, new food, new research” respectively on some macro issues such as Chinese food culture inheritance, advanced food manufacturing technology and national food & service strategic needs. The reports aroused intense interest  from the participants. By conducting group discussions, participants exchanged opinions on the basis of their own academic background under the topics of “ new era, new food and new research— how to make innovation in food industry” and “trans-disciplines, inter-disciplines, integrated disciplines —How to improve young food talents’ innovation ability”.

Translator: Chen Xiaoxue
Proofreader: Wang Xiaoyan