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Campus Talk about CSC 2018 Held in HZAU

On the morning of December 26, the Policy Talk about CSC (China Scholarship Council) 2018 was held in Room S2, No.3 Teaching Building with Zheng Xuegang, head of Academic Office of Graduate School, as its speaker. Staff from various departments such as International College, Graduate School attended the activity.
Zheng first talked about three aspects in his speech: the overall situation of study-abroad affairs in HZAU and China, the arrangements in 2018, and application requirements and notice. He talked in detail the qualification and some other issues about application of the program. He then suggested that the applicants should prepare according to the Three First-Class Requirements. After that some students who have studied abroad shared their experiences about application procedures, lives abroad and returning to China. At last, the heads and teachers answered students’ questions.
It is reported that the 2018 National Construction of High-Quality University Graduate Study Abroad Program plans to select and assign 10500 graduate students for doctoral degree, 1000 more than that in 2017. The State-Sponsored Study-Abroad Program plans to select and assign 800 college students for master’s degree. For further information, you can visit and,
Tr. By AoLing
Instructor: Guo Haiyan