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Curtain Falls on Postgraduate’s“Scientific Ethics and Academic Norms”Contest

The semi-final and final round of 2017 postgraduate’s “scientific ethics and academic norms” contest was held in the conference hall on the second floor of the library on the evening of November 23. This competition is themed with” stick to academic norms, endeavor to be the academic pioneer”, and held by Graduate School and Graduate Work Department.

The contest was divided into preliminary and final round. In the preliminary contest, students did 100 online quizzes in 45mins, and the top 16 students were qualified for the next round. 1647 postgraduates took participate in the online quiz by scanning the code on the afternoon of Nov 16, with the 80% gaining higher marks than 90 points. The aim of this competition is to enhance postgraduates’ awareness of scientific ethics and norms.

In the end, Li Peng and other 7 competitors successfully reached the final round through severe competition. Sun Wencheng, the student from the Institute of Technology, beat the others to the buzzer in 40 quizzes in least time and most accuracy, accordingly winning the first prize. In the meantime, Zhang Linlong, student from the College of Plant Science, and Li Peng, student from the College of Animal Science and Technology both won the second prize. Yu Ying, student from the School of Life Science and Biotechnology, and other 4 students won the third prize.

As one of the eleven study promotion case study pilot unit, HZAU puts high emphasis on the construction of scientific ethics and study style, and advocates the academic habits “living righteously, pursuing excellence”, thus the tradition of “people-oriented, learning-upheld” is come into being. Preliminarily, HZAU has built the long-term mechanism of scientific ethics and learning construction promotion education work in atmosphere building, system constraining, education promoting, and carrier developing aspects. Since 2014, the “Scientific ethics and academic norms” has been successfully held for 4 times. The contest has been the characteristic brand of our HZAUers, with expanding participants, completed process, creative norms and enriched connotation.

Translated by Li Linfeng