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4th International 3D Genomics Workshop Held at HZAU

On the afternoon of November 11th, the 4th International 3D Genomics Workshop was opened in the International Center of HZAU. In this Workshop, extensive discussions have been made in terms of the experimental technologies and analytic approaches of 3D Genomics and its application in plants and animals, diseases and other fields. Attendees of the Workshop included 160 registered representatives from 30 institutes in USA, Singapore and Poland and nearly 100 teachers and students of HZAU.

In the opening remarks from Yao Jianglin, the Vice President of HZAU and Member of the Standing Committee of CPC HZAU Committee, he introduced the basic situation and the status quo of development in 3D Genomics, praised the 3D Genomics research team of HZAU for their efforts and extended welcome to the experts and teachers present.

Following that was the speech by Prof. Ruan Yijun, the organizer of the Workshop and member of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, in which he introduced the historical development of 3D Genomics and the challenges facing it, and elaborated on the multiplex-Chromatin interaction analysis technique developed on the basis of chip lattice scheme. This technique allows high-throughput detection of protein and DNA sequences in chromosomal complexes and can break the bottleneck of 3D Genomics research techniques. Then, Prof. Rafael Casellas from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) introduced the model he discovered during the activation of B lymphocyte terminal differentiation where cohesin complex ring landed from Nipbl and then migrated to CTCF site. He also emphasized the vital importance of TFIIH, ATP and other transcription factors in 3D genomes, especially in the formation of chromatin remote interaction, and their regulatory mechanism for transcription process.

On the morning of November 12th, Erez Liberman Aiden, the developer of Hi-C technique and professor of the Baylor University cast light on Hi-C technique, in situ Hi-C technique, prediction of 3D genome structure by one dimensional genome data and the role that cohesin plays in the formation of 3D genomes. Later, the experts there discussed extensively about the important role that 3D structure plays in medicine, the parsing and visualization of 3D chromatin structure and bioinformatic modeling and so on.  

This year marks the 4th consecutive year for HZAU to hold the International 3D Genomics Workshop with the purpose to encourage the promotion and popularization of 3D Genomics in our nation and to improve the prosperity and vitality of the academic environment of HZAU.

(Translator: Wu Zhijia; Instructor: Xie Lujie)