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Experts Gathered in HZAU Discussing a Green & Efficient Production System for Rapeseed

On the morning of November 6, the opening ceremony of 2017 national workshop on “Genetics, Breeding, Green, High Yielding and High Efficiency Production Practice of Rapeseed” was held in HZAU. Prof. Fu Tingdong, member of CAE, director of Wuhan Research Branch of the National Rapeseed Genetic Improvement Center, Prof. Guan Chunyun (member of CAE) from Hunan Agricultural University, Zhu Zhengyu, the party secretary of College of Plant Science and Technology, and Prof. Yan Jianbing, the dean of College of Plant Science and Technology attended the opening ceremony.
The theme of this workshop is the construction of a green & efficient production system of rapeseed. Some leading experts of rapeseed industry were invited to give lectures and attend seminars. 22 well-known experts and scholars in rapeseed field delivered report, including CAE members, Prof. Fu and Prof. Guan, Prof. Wang Hanzhong, the vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The reports covered a wide range of topics in the field, including multifunctional heterosis utilization in rapeseed, the development of new varieties of high-oleic rapeseed and new products, the reflection on the development of Hubei rapeseed industry, high-yielding and lodging resistance cultivation techniques, high-efficiency, high-yielding and eco-friendly fertilization technology, the research of anti-clubroot disease in rapeseed, rapeseed gene editing technology, and transgenic detection technology.
It was known that “the rapeseed workshop” was launched by Prof. Liu Houli and Prof. Fu at the end of 1980s, and it has been held seven times at 2- 3 year intervals until now. Almost 1000 talents nationwide have received professional trainings there, thus Prof. Wang praised it as the “Whampoa Military Academy” of Chinese rapeseed industry.

Translated by Chen Xiaoxue
Proofread by Wangxiaoyan