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HZAU Holds Inception Meeting of 4th Batch of Open Online Courses

On the afternoon of November 2, the Inception Meeting of 4th batch of Open Online Courses was held at HZAU with the plan of organizing 30 open online courses. Two directors shared their experiences in setting up courses with other participants.
Xiao Xiangping, the deputy director of Office of Academic Affairs, introduced the orientation and major achievements of OOC of HZAU. She mentioned that three batches of projects were established featuring 60 open online courses(OOC) and more than 100 SPOCs which benefited more than 300,000 people including 15,000 students of our school in recent two years.
She stated that open online courses should always be student-oriented and optimize teaching design, contents, methods. With the integration of education and modern educational techniques, new teaching and learning mode should be built to inspire student's motivation of learning and thinking.

Associate professor Zhou Xingmiao, the director of OOC General Entomology, introduced curriculum design, group task division, material sorting, class preparation and script writing, etc. He added that appropriate use of materials is helpful for illustrating or supplementing knowledge points.
Associate professor Chen Huafeng, the director of OOC Advanced Mathematics, introduced the definition of MOOC and how to shoot it in details. What’s more, he suggested that shooting mode should be set through positive discussion with the editors from shooting company. He also emphasized that it’s important to condense teaching time and come straight to the point.
Taking his open online courses Advanced Mathematics (volume one) as the example, he analyzed the “fragmentation” feature of curriculum design at great length to us. In the end, he mentioned that we should pay attention to the consistency and norm of PPT template. In addition, content correctness, work division, and the consistency and norm of typeface and type size should not be ignored. Though his work just launched on MOOC of Chinese universities, he looks forward to the starting of MOOC Advanced Mathematics 2.0 version.

Translated by Ye Mengxia
Proofread by Wang Xiaoyan