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Passion, Youth and Dreams: 2017 National Day & Welcome & Military Review Evening Party

On the evening of September 17th, 2017 National Day & Welcome & Military Review Evening Party kicked off in Shizishan Square. Three Colonel-grade officers from the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), leaders of Huazhong Agricultural UniversityHZAUand the new faculties and students watched the show. (NUTD is responsible for the military training of the freshmen this year). And 32,000 people watched the show on the internet platform “Voices of Youth”.

The party with “ Passion, Youth and Dreams” as its theme consisted of 3 chapters, “The First Sight of Shizishan Hill”“Hello Chinaand The Pursuit of Youthful Dreams.HZAU boasts distinguishing features such as profound academic culture, excellent learning and teaching atmosphere and outstanding talents, which were all vividly showed in the party in various art forms.

the opening dance

One third of performances were originally created by students, reflecting the campus life in all aspects. Tone-poem-painting “The Song of HZAU”, a show that some students recited poems and some painted along with music, reviewed the history of the university and embodied its century-old spirit. At the end of the show, all the audiences were inspired by students’ calling “We are the HZAUers. We will uphold the school motto ‘Study diligently and work hard; Help others seek their development while engaging in your own.’” Original dance “The Beauty in Microworld” unfolded a magical world under a microscope, depicting the endless charm of scientific and academic research. The song “At the foot of the Shizishan Hill” sang a lively rhythm of the Shizishan life. Most noticeably of all, T-stage show “A Millennium Promise” brought a new sight of the Silk Road, and the costumes designed by students combined the cultural elements of countries along the Road. Dances “The Road to Challenge” “Flowers” were full of vitality and artistic conception, eliciting enthusiastic applause from audiences.

a beautiful scene performed by students

the traditional Chinese folk art

The party delivered the love and warmth to the newcomers. Chorus “Teacher, I Want to Tell You” expressed the deep appreciation to teachers. The party reached the climax when the familiar melody “Father” rang. The video “Dreams are on the way” told aspirational stories of three freshmen.

The shows also represented our aspirations for dreams and youth at the foot of the Shizishan Hill. Video “The Chinese Dream and the Youth Dream” revealed that generations of HZAU youth have been keeping up the pace of the age and working hard to realize Chinese Dream. The song “The Chinese Dream” sung by the special guest Yi Wenhui, a young singer from China Opera and Dance-Drama Theatre, eulogized the great age and the China Dream. “Aspiration at the foot of Shizishan Hill” recited by the freshman representatives of all the colleges expressed their hopes of the new life.

The colorful campus life was also pictured by the brilliant performance of students. Dance “Eulogy for Sage” illustrated the ancients’ pursuits of knowledge and unceasingly enterprising efforts, encouraging students to learn and think. String ensemble “Four Seasons·Spring” played a sweet spring. Other performances like Peking Opera, Hip hop, Chinese martial, art magic and musical drama were also perfectly performed by the versatile students.

shinning lights and enthusiastic audiences

a group photo of school leaders and performers

The splendid evening party finally ended with a splendid song and dance “Never Forget Why You Start”. “This party gave me a deep impression that HZAUers have been firmly adhering to and carrying forward the spirit of HZAU. I am so honored that I am a member of these excellent people.” Ke Ning, a freshman of College of Plant Sciences & Technology, said excitedly.