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The 1st Wuhan Fishery Expo Held in Wuhan

From September 15 to September 17, the first Wuhan-International Aquaculture Industry and Fishery Expo was held in China Culture Expo Center. The Forum of Modern Fishery Technology Development was also held at the same time. The Fishery Expo was hosted by College of Fishery of HZAU and APCC jointly. Nearly 500 aquatic practitioners around the country attended the opening ceremony and the lecture, including Wang Liang, head of the Industrial Development Office of the Hubei Aquatic Bureau, Zhang Shaodong, the party secretary of College of Fishery.

On the morning of Sep 15, the opening ceremony of the Development Forum of Modern Fisheries Technology started. Zhang Shaodong delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the sponsors in the ceremony. He briefly talked about the aim and the significance of this Fishery Expo and hoped that the attendees can use this platform to better communicate, share experiences, show the latest scientific achievements and products and contribute to the healthy development of aquaculture in China. Wang introduced the present situation, industrial advantages and characteristics of fishery in Hubei province, and pointed out that we should improve the comprehensive production capacity of fishery and quicken the adjustment of economic structure to scale up the characteristic variety production and consolidate the development of crayfish, crab, ell, mandarin fish, turtle and other special industries.

Prof. Xiong Shanbo introduced the current state of China’s freshwater fish processing industry, and the technology of aquatic products processing and preservation. He hoped that the aquatic product processing enterprises could improve their technological innovative abilities, perfect the industry chain, improve the degree of organization and strive for a greater pricing power. Professors Fan Qixue, He Shan, Wang Ling on behalf of their scientific research teams respectively introduced the traits and the growth characteristics of some new species, such as the pseudobagrus fulvidraco “Huangyou 1”, megalobrama amblycephala”Huahai 1”, mandarin fish “Huakang 1”, and they also introduced the key cultivation techniques. Professor Gu Zemao, and Dr.Wang Yongqiang from HAID group in Guangdong province, analyzed the causes of fish disease, and pointed out that it was related to culture species, aquaculture sites, pathogeny, fish food, aquatic environment, management measure, and the categories of fishery medicine, therefore scientific and standard medication should be applied.  Dr. Yi Ganfeng from DBN Biotech Co, Ltd shared his opinion on how to innovate and upgrade the marketing channel by utilizing smart fishery in “Internet +” epoch.

The Fishery Expo became an important platform for the healthy development of aquaculture. It was reported that the Expo had attracted more than 100 enterprises from marine fisheries insurance industry, aquaculture facilities industry, aquatic products processing equipment industry, fish food industry, fingerling industry, and their newest products and technology were demonstrated here.

Translator:Chen Xiaoxue