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2017 Agricultural Genomics in HZAU– Functional Genomics toward Green Crops for Sustainable Agriculture

On the afternoon of October 25, the 4th International Conference on Agricultural Genomics opened in the National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, organized by HZAU, Nature Genetics, Nature Plants, Nature Communications and China Golden Marker (Beijing) Biotech Co., Ltd.. President Deng Xiuxin, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice-president of China Association for Science and Technology, attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony

As one of the Nature Conferences, this conference was co-chaired by Prof. Zhang Qifa, Li Jiayang and Han Bin, academicians with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Dr. Myles Axton, editor-in-chief of Nature Genetics, with attendees of 36 keynote speakers from 14 countries.

Some Conferees

434 registered representatives attended the meeting, from 15 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, China, France and Germany .
136 abstracts were received in the conference.
Recent years have witnessed daunting challenges in agricultural production, and the increasing conflicts between the population growth, the traditional cropping pattern and resource. The breeding of green crops based on agricultural genomics is becoming the key to solving these problems.
With the goals of “less pesticides, less fertilizers, water saving and drought resistance, high yield and superior quality,increasing productivity of medium-to-low yielding lands”, the conference will feature keynote speeches and plenary speeches by world-renowned experts in the field, to discuss the progress of modern genomics and accelerate the genetic improvement of crops and promote the development of sustainable agriculture, making its contribution to global food security.
The following topics will be covered in the conference: new genomics technologies, tools and platforms for genomic breeding, some important agronomic traits of functional genomics such as grain yield and quality, biotic or abiotic stress resistance, and nutrient use efficiency.
The conference will conclude on the afternoon of October 27. You can watch the live broadcasting of the conference online if interested in it.


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