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HZAU Sets up the First National Research Center for Rural Vitalization Strategy

The first national research center for rural vitalization strategy was established in HZAU on Oct.31th. It is also China's first think tank that serves and practices "rural vitalization strategy".

Professor Li Zhongyun, party secretary of HZAU, introduced that the center is set up on the basis of the agriculture-related disciplines and work related to " agriculture, rural areas and farmers “in HZAU. It will be committed to an in-depth study of “rural vitalization strategy ”and to find ways to practice the strategy with the help of the school’s talents and academic resources. Thus, it will provide intellectual services for the implementation of the strategic plan set by the 19th National Congress of the CPC.
The center strives to realize its goal of building a top domestic think tank within three to five years.
The expert committee of the center consists of experts and scientists in the field of agricultural sciences, experienced rural service personnel that deal with issues of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, etc.
HZAU will, independently, set up 8 to 10 research directions related to rural vitalization strategy for the center. In the early stage of the center, emphasis will be put on the study and practice of such aspects as the strategy of prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas; putting in place sound systems, mechanisms, and policies for promoting integrated urban-rural development; reforming of the rural land system; establishing industrial, production, and business operation systems for modern agriculture; promoting the integrated development of the primary, secondary , and tertiary industries in rural areas; improving the governance model in rural areas based on a combination of self-governance , rule of law and rule of virtue; training professional rural service personnel who have a good knowledge of agriculture, love our rural areas, and care about rural people.
The center aims to build an open, social-oriented and innovative academic exchange platform. The center will hold academic activities regularly, and draft reports on analysis of decisions and specific topics for superior leaders to make policies.

Tr. By Lin Zhenhua; Instructor: Guo Haiyan