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Associate Professor He Jingwei from The Education University of Hong Kong Visited the Public Administration Forum

On the evening of October 18, He Jingwei,,associate Professor of the Education University of Hong Kong, gave a lecture on the 76th Public Administration Forum in the Public Administration Institute. And the lecture, themed with “The Policy Entrepreneur in Social Policy Process, Starting from The Sanming Medical Reform”, was presided over by Wang Jiahe, the professor from HZAU College of Public Administration.

With the medical reform in Sanming city as an example, the lecture introduced the process of social policy and the role of entrepreneurs in this process.

In Prof. He’s speech, the fact that medical companies, hospitals and doctors are driven by high profits and commissions makes inadequate and unaffordable medical services prevalent, and separable management is also very severe. The department of Human Resource and Society Security and The National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC are in charge of the three-main medical insurance, Urban Employees Insurance and Urban Residents Insurance and The New Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance, given this management mechanism, the issue of profit distribution results in that costs are transferred to the general public. With regard to Sanming City, in particular, he mentioned that this city now suffers from its increasingly aging population, with the support ratio reaching 1.73:1. Besides, huge financial deficit forced Sanming city to launch a medical reform, with Zhan Jifu as the pioneering figure.

Then Prof He specifically illustrated the Zhang’s measures and roles in Sanming City’s medical reform. Zhan adopted policies of the lowest price bid rules and combination of the three major insurances in China to crack down upon corruption and bid price in drug circulation. Despite of there appeared obstacles and impediments in advancing those measures, fruitful results have been achieved with his unremitting efforts and the support of the Mayor of Sanming. That the drug price dropped sharply and the medical finance turned to be out of red.

Eventually, the students at present conducted a deep conversation with Prof. He on some interesting topics such as, how to carry out in-depth qualitative research, what other regions can learn from Sanming’s medical reform and the why the medical reform could make a success.

Translated by Li Linfeng