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Opening Ceremony for 2017 New Students

On the morning of September 2, 2017 opening ceremony for the new students was held at HZAU gymnasium. Prof. Gao Chi, vice-president of HZAU, presided over the opening ceremony, with attendees of school leaders including Li Zhongyun, Deng Xiuxin, together with members of the faculty and administration, students and their parents.

The Opening ceremony in HZAU gymnasium


    President Deng                     Vice-President Gao

The ceremony kicked off with our glorious national anthem.
Firstly, Wang Xia, a doctoral student of Pomology from the College of Horticulture & Forestry Science, shared her “love story” with citrus and encouraged new students to pursue their dreams unswervingly. Deng Yunfei, majoring in Applied Chemistry from the College of Science, on behalf of the freshmen, expressed that he would be diligent, independent and responsible to achieve his goals and make his life in HZAU wonderful. An international student, Hoang Thi Diep Trang, majoring in Communication from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, extended her sincere thanks to the Chinese government and HZAU for the learning opportunity and showed that she won’t let everyone down.
Then, Prof. Ouyang Yidan, from the College of Life Science & Technology, looked back on the past eighteen years of learning and teaching at HZAU and pointed out that this school made her mature. Thus, she hoped that the new students would challenge themselves unceasingly and strive for excellence to embrace a boundless future.
The outstanding alumnus Prof. Chen Shi is a doctoral supervisor at Wuhan University and a member of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”. In the ceremony, he showed his pride as a member of HZAU. During six years in HZAU, he was imprinted with its spirit of earnestness, perseverance and ambitiousness. "The future of this school is on your shoulders." He encouraged the new students to seize the moment, set a clear goal and forge ahead on the path of life.


Prof.Ouyang Yidan                  Prof. Chen Shi

In his speech, President Deng, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, extended a warm welcome to all at first, and then pointed out that it was a big event for HZAU to be selected as the first-class discipline construction project, which is a recognition of schooling with characteristics and a starting point of new journey. Thanks to outstanding students, HZAU could continuously focus on exploration and innovation. He encouraged new students to stay true to their original mind and keep on moving forward with full passion.
Deng also put forward three requirements about how to be a forerunner in this great era. First, as the individual development should be closely attached to the national progress and prosperity, we must resolutely embrace ambitions to make our life valuable. Second, in the courses of making achievements, we should develop the habit of reading, proactive exploration, practice and exercise. Third, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires untiring efforts of people from generation to generation, thus, we should develop a positive attitude towards life and foster our qualities with the HZAU character of keeping a low profile and avoiding fickleness and blindness. (The full text will be published separately)
Deeply moved by the ceremony, the mother of Li Jiaqi, a freshman majoring in Business Management, shared that the first intimate contact with HZAU made both her and her child catch a glimpse of cultural tradition of this century-old school. Besides, she expected all students would be more passionate about their school life. Inspired by the excellent academic atmosphere, a freshman Jia Qingyao expressed his resolution to work hard and looked forward to the next wonderful four years.
“How you will be, HZAU will be; How you will be, our nation and people will be; How you will be, the world and mankind will be.” The ceremony ended in the unison of the HZAU anthem .
Tr. By Liao Hongmei; Instructor: Guo Haiyan