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HZAU Botany and Zoology Enters Top 1‰ in ESI Rankings

On September 15, Essential Science Indicators (ESI) published that the discipline of botany and zoology from HZAU is listed among the top 1‰ of ESI, ranking No.113 out of 1148 top 1% institutions with 29290 citations of 2870 papers. Currently, we have other 6 disciplines among top 1% in the ESI rankings, including agricultural science, chemistry, biology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, microbiology, and environmental science/ecology.
ESI is a quantitative analytic database, based on 11000 academic journals with documented proceedings collected by the Web of Science (SCI-E/SSCI). ESI has become one of the most important tools for evaluating the international academic performance and impacts of universities, institutions and countries/regions. The data of ESI update every two months. The top 1% disciplines of ESI are considered as disciplines of world high level, while the top 1‰ are subjects of highest level of the world.

Tr. by Zeng Pengling & Guo Haiyan