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A Mid-Autumn-themed activity held at HZAU

Sep 29, A Mid-Autumn-themed activity was held at HZAU, to experience the Chinese folk culture, over 20 international students from College of Food Science and Technology joined the festivity to make mooncakes.

Xie Dingyuan, associate professor from College of Food Science and Technology, expert in Chinese culinary culture, executive director of CFCRA (Chinese Food Culture Research Association), introduced the international students about the origins and customs of Mid-Autumn Festival, and techniques on how to make mooncakes.

The students awash in joy clad in lab coats followed each step of their bakery guru on how to make mooncakes.

Working in groups with gusto, they kneaded dough and coated the filings. Soon, mooncakes that were churned out filled the room with fragrance. The event culminated in the tasting session where students had pictures of themselves with the mooncakes taken and uploaded them onto social media to share the happening with their family and friends.

This activity is sponsored by Yihai Kerry Group.

MAHBOUBAT BINTI YOUSSOUF, who was a new HAZUer excitedly said that she had spent a lovely night here making and savoring the palatable food, learning about the origins of Mid-Autumn Festival. The experience made her anticipate all the more for the years to come at HZAU. Other students were also looking forward to participating in more activities like this, for it had really enriched their understanding about the Chinese customary practice.

Xiang Yizhi, Deputy Party Secretary of College of Food Science and Technology, spoke highly of the event, because it conduced to students understanding of the Chinese tradition, faster integration into the Chinese way of living and facilitation of friendship among students of different nationality and races.  

Key words: Mooncake; Mid-Autumn Festival; Overseas students

Tr. Dou Jieni