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Zhang Junbiao Attended NSFC “Shuangqing Forum”

Professor Zhang Junbiao from the School of Economics and Management

On September 17th and 18th, the 142nd “Shuangqing Forum” was held by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in Shanghai, and Professor Zhang Junbiao from the School of Economics and Management was invited to attend. This forum gained high attention from the NSFC. Fifteen principals of the NSFC, including academician Yangwei, the director of NSFC, deputy director He- Hongming, director of management department Wu Qidi, executive deputy director Li Yijun, deputy director Gao Ziyou, attended this forum. Forty-six economic experts from 37 institutions including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Sciences were invited to attend the forum.

With “economics” as the theme for the first time, the 142nd “Shuangqing Form” which centered upon “theoretical innovation and academic frontier in the process of economic transformation under new normal” explored the current situation and prospect of economic science as well as challenges in the new stage, proposed urgent basic science issues, and discussed the key support areas of the NSFC in the following five to ten years.

As a specially-invited expert, Professor Zhang Junbiao made a special report titled as “economic management of resources and environment will be the focus of economic management science in the future.” He provided distinctive and insightful views on such aspects as “the purpose of economic development, crises in the process of development, the contradictions between the two mentioned above and the way to resolve them”. Experts at the forum made comments on professor Zhang’s report, and also conducted in-depth discussions with him on the issues of resources and environment.

By Zhang Anqi